Details for Claim for Langtree Lane

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Details for Langtree Lane
File Reference 1-9-63 Standish
Title Langtree Lane
Effect Of Application Add a public bridleway along Langtree Lane
Applicant Ms E Rybka
Applicant Address Standish District Bridleways Group
Date Application Received 26/03/1997
Path No Standish No:6
Start Coordinates Easting,Northing (Latitude,Longitude) 355597, 411169 (53.595236, -2.672281)
End Coordinates Easting,Northing (Latitude,Longitude) 356245,411459 (53.597897,-2.662531)
District Standish
Date Determined
Determination Date
Application Status In Progress
Notes To upgrade public footpath to a public bridleway between Preston Road and Public Bridleway Standish No. 5. Legal Services are undertaking Creation Agreement & Creation Orders.
Schedule 14
Decision Made

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